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Kato lying on a bed, covered in streamers, looking about as excited as a Kato can get.

Happy Birthday Kato

In case you missed it we had Kato staying with us for a couple of weeks last year and his owner, Scott, casually said to send him photos while he was gone. Naturally we took the smart arse approach and posted a photo every day of Kato in zany costumes.

Today is Kato’s fourth birthday. To celebrate we’ve collected some of everyone’s favourites from his dress up adventures last year. Continue reading Happy Birthday Kato

Bark in the Park Postgame

The Bark in the Park was on on Saturday, and it seems like it was a pretty big hit. There were some beautiful dogs there, a lot of arctic dogs, some huge dogs, and of course the usual little yappers 🙂

Logan and Tayla met up with some older friends, good ole Kato obviously, and Kayne from classes at ABT, along with some new buds like little Seraph.

We got heaps of free stuff too, which is always good 🙂 About a weeks worth of food for Logan and Tayla, plus a bunch of biscuits, vouchers and doggy shampoo.

The most popular attractions were the professional photographers and caricaturists. Everyone there could get a professional photo and a caricature of them and their dog for free. Look at the next photo and you’ll see how popular they were, the line on the left was for the photos, on the right was for caricatures.

For more photos check out the My Husky Facebook page.

A profile photo of Kato, a black and white Siberian Husky.

Owner profiles: Kato

Scott sitting with his Siberian Husky, Kato.A brand new feature on My Husky. Every few weeks I’ll be interviewing another Siberian Husky owner. I want to share the cool traits and eccentricities of your dogs, as well as let people know about the tougher side of raising a Siberian Husky.

We may be surprised when some things that we thought were just funny little things tnathat our dogs do actually turn out to be fairly common amongst other Huskies, and possibly vice versa.

Our very first subject is Scott and his 16 month old Siberian, Kato. Scott gets this honour because he was the one that suggested interviewing Husky owners. I thought it only fair that he be the first on the stage.

Kato is a great friend of Logan and Tayla, and Scott is a member of the awesome staff at Dogcity Daycare.

Continue reading Owner profiles: Kato

Million Paws Walk 2011

Well most Aussies know that today was the annual RSPCA Million Paws Walk. It was a great day, with a hell of a lot of dogs.

In case you don’t know, the Million Paws Walk is an annual event conducted nationally to raise money for the RSPCA’s shelters. This year the RSPCA raised over $300,000, the most being from New South Wales with a whopping $100,000.

Continue reading Million Paws Walk 2011