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Tips for bath time

Yesterday was a hot one, but rather than sit around and moan about it we decided to take the opportunity to give the doggies a bath.

I know some houses dread bath time. Chasing after the dog, the fighting them to keep them in the water, ending up getting drenched, and by the time your done you lack the energy to even finish drying them so you end up with the wet dog smell.

Here are some tips to make the next bath time a bit more pleasant. Continue reading Tips for bath time

Husky Cinema

Here are some of the cooler Siberian Husky movies I’ve found on YouTube. From losing hair, to shoplifting Huskies, I had a fun lunch break 🙂

Husky escapist

This first video is best summed up by one viewers comment:

“I scoff at your attempts to restrain the husky spirit! i’ll be down at the butcher shop if you are looking for me…”

Shoplifting dog identified; family makes restitution

This dog walked 6 miles, stole a rawhide, and then walked 6 miles back home. Now that is one awesome dog.

If you want a Husky… watch this first!

And lastly, a warning about hair before you consider getting a Husky.