Balanced Huskies

Exercise, Discipline and Affection

To have a healthy and balanced dog a Siberian requires exercise, discipline and affection in that order and in balanced amounts.


Knowing when your husky needs exercise:

  • Before a bath;
  • Before grooming and nail clipping;
  • Before you leave him home alone;
  • Before taking him in the car for a ride;
  • Before company comes to visit;
  • Before he goes to bed;
  • When he wakes up; and
  • When he looks bored!

In other words, Siberians need constant exercise.


Discipine does not mean punishment. Proper discipline means a happier more balanced pet. The first few days are critical when it comes to discipline. A new Siberian is so cute and cuddly you make be inclined to just let him do whatever he likes, thinking you can correct any un wanted behaviours when he gets older. It is important to remember that if you don’t want your mature dog to do something, don’t let your puppy do it either.

Siberians are quick learners and actually want to know what it is that you expect of them. He would be used to being nipped by his mother for improper behaviour and now you need to follow this example by giving him a stern glare and a firm ‘no’ when he does something wrong.