Tips for bath time

Yesterday was a hot one, but rather than sit around and moan about it we decided to take the opportunity to give the doggies a bath.

I know some houses dread bath time. Chasing after the dog, the fighting them to keep them in the water, ending up getting drenched, and by the time your done you lack the energy to even finish drying them so you end up with the wet dog smell.

Here are some tips to make the next bath time a bit more pleasant.

Before the bath

During the bath you are going to have to keep your attention on your dog, and fumbling around for the shampoo is a hassle. Get your stuff together and within handy reach of the bath area.

It’s usually helpful to take your dog for a walk before bath time. This can help them expel any excess energy and keep them from being too hyper during the bath.


Keep calm and carry on

Much like most behavioural issues you may experience with your dog, their attitude during bath time has a lot to do with yours. If you stay positive and calm during the bath then there’s more of a chance they will cooperate. On the flip side if you go into the experience dreading what’s about to happen, manhandling your dog and getting frustrated then your dog will be more likely to act up.

Starting the bath

Start the bath by calmly collecting your dog. Do your best not to hype your dog up when you collect them. Many people pull toys out and lure their dog to the bath with promises of play and treats. This gets the dog nice and excited, which then makes bath time harder.

During the bath

When you have the dog in the bath start by just wetting their coat. Get them use to the water before dumping a bucket on their head. The best way to do this is with a plastic jug, use it to gently wet the dog all over.

During the bath is a great chance to feel your dog over for any lumps or signs of concern. With huskies and mals this is often hard to do because of the thickness of their coat, but with their coat wet this is much easier.


When you are finished bathing your dog spend a minute wetting your dog again to ensure all the shampoo has been rinsed off. Leftover shampoo can dry your dogs skin out and make it itchy and irritable, so take an extra minute just to be sure.

After the bath

Make sure that your dog is completely dry after the bath. We use a couple of fluffy towels for this, but some people prefer to use a hair dryer. If you want to use a hair dryer (and your dog is ok with this too) then make sure it isn’t too hot for your dog.

After you are done give your dog a good brushing. This can help to make sure your dog is completely dry and ensures that there is no matting or clumping of fur.


How does bath time go in your house? Is it a joyous occasion, or is it something not to be discussed?

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  1. Great blog! Very informative for husky lovers! My husky isn’t a fan of bath time, but I might try some of your tips in order to help him enjoy them more! Crossed fingers for luck!:)

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