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What to do with a dog that can’t do a thing

I have to say, that is the most obscure blog post title I’ve ever written.

We are currently in week two of six weeks of downtime for Logan. When on a walk nearly two weeks ago Logan seemed to injure his leg somehow. We had our suspicions, and the vet later confirmed that he had injured his Cruciate Ligament. While it doesn’t appear to have torn entirely, it does seem to be ruptured enough that if Logan doesn’t stick to strict rest for 6 weeks then he will need surgery.

So what does that mean? That means that, for the time-being at least, Logan can’t do anything. No running. No going for walks. No jumping. While he can walk, we need to keep him as calm and slow as possible to give his leg a chance to heal properly. This is going to be difficult, especially for a dog that whinges at us if he doesn’t get walked for a day.

What we had to do is figure out what to do with a dog that couldn’t do a thing. Continue reading What to do with a dog that can’t do a thing

A photo of two beagles riding in a motorcycle sidecar, complete with riding goggles

Sidecar Dogs getting their due on Kickstarter

It’s no surprise to a lot of people that I love Kickstarter. I have a pinboard next to my desk with postcards from Dog Sled Saga, Shake Well Before Use and Antler Boy & Other Stories.

The latest project I’ve help to fund on Kickstarter is Sit Stay Ride, a documentary film about dogs who ride in sidecars and the motorcycling humans who love them. Continue reading Sidecar Dogs getting their due on Kickstarter