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BBB (Beef, Barley, Bowties)

Occasionally it’s good to mix up the food a little with them huskies. Logan sometimes gets bored with his food and decides he’s just plain old not gonna eat it anymore. When that happens we find it’s handy to cook up some food for the week, just to give him something different.

Time for one of Logan’s favourites. Triple B; beef, barley, and bowtie stew.
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Chicken Gumbo

Logan and Tayla have been on a hunger strike lately, ever since Tayla ate that plastic container. Apparently she assumed it was her biscuits that made her tummy hurt, not all of the plastic. To remedy this we’ve started making their food ourselves. First up, we have Chicken Gummmmboooo! I made this up tonight and I think it’s safe to say that they both like it (another way of saying that is that they freaking lost it they were so excited).

Before we start, a few notes;

  • When cooking for dogs, with all of the crazy good smells in the air, you’ll likely find that your dog(s) will be sitting by your feet the whole time. If this is the case you have to be extra careful not to drop anything, not trip over anyone. And also (much like when there are children present) make sure that no pot handles are facing out over the edge.
  • Allergies to wheat is quite common in dogs, so it’s best to use gluten free ingredients whenever possible. This includes pasta, flour, etc.
  • When cooking for dogs it is important to remember that dogs are unable to digest hot food. Warm is fine, hot is not. Hot food will sit in your dogs stomach until it cools enough, which damages the stomach lining. Before serving to your dog make sure it has cooled enough.

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