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Quick tip: Early walks

When do you walk your dogs? We’ve had a routine for a while now where during the week they get walked after work, and on the weekend they get walked a few times starting from about 10am. The one thing we’ve noticed, walking in the morning is so much easier.

Tayla is troublesome to walk at the best of times. She is highly energetic, easily distracted, and fairly relentless. She is getting better, but still a hassle. We’ve found when walking her early in the morning she is happy, doesn’t pull, listens to what you say, and is generally pleasant to walk.

Walking in the morning means the dogs have plenty of energy, they are still relatively happy and alert, but without being pent up and anxious like they may be after being pent up all day.

If you have a dog that is difficult to walk and you have the choice of doing it in the morning or after work, then try it out.

Clearly a tie in with another quick tip

Quick tip: Walk time

Just a quick tip for when it comes to walk time. We all know some dogs have some anxiety and get a little crazy around walk time. Tayla certainly does, but we’ve found that getting out of the house nice and fast helps her incredibly.

In the future try not to let them get excited about going for a walk until you are ready to walk out the door. Letting them know they are going for a walk (for example putting their collar and leash on) and then letting them wait while you slowly get your shoes and socks, get yourself a drink, and go to the toilet just gives them plenty of time to get over-excited and anxious. Try to do everything nice and quietly, and then leave briskly after your dog realises what is going on.

Tayla being contemplative