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Logan’s post-op preparations

My last post was about what we’re doing to keep Logan calm while he was on the mend. He had injured a ligament in his leg and we were told he needed rest and recuperation to get it to heal. Four weeks later it hasn’t gotten any better, so Logan is booked in for surgery tomorrow morning.

So now we’re back into preparation mode. Logan is going to be recovering for about another 6 weeks (!!!) but with some more restrictions since he’ll be post op.

Logan's Bat Cave

Logan isn’t able to roam the house and yard anymore, so we’ve set up a new secret base for him. After his surgery we’ve been told he needs to be kept safe and sound, taken outside to go to the toilet and then returned to the safety of his mini-Logan compound.

logansgate1To do this we have retrofitted our laundry. We have covered the tiles with rubber matting so that it isn’t slippery, but also won’t be a big problem in case he doesn’t get outside in time.

He won’t be spending all his time in here, but hopefully he’ll be comfortable in the crucial week after his surgery.


The benefit of Logan’s laundry/bedroom is that it faces onto our veggie patch, which from here on in will be called Logan’s Secret Garden. We’ve decided to make this area Logan safe, because it seems perfect for his recovery.

logansgardenThis is an outside area that is blocked off from the rest of the yard. There is plenty to explore, but it’s not big enough for him to run and hurt himself. Initially this will be where we take him outside, but once he has recuperated a bit he will be able to come out here himself for some safe outside time.

Logan's Ramp

Once Logan has recuperated a bit he is going to be moving around, but we still need to be careful not to put too much strain on his leg.

logansramp1To help with this, we built The Logan Ramp. This is just a plank of wood wrapped in some fake grass and attached below the dog door, to try to alleviate that big step in and out of the dog door.

So that’s Logan’s life for the near future. We’ll keep you up to date with his recuperation. Fingers crossed he’ll come out of it tip top.

What to do with a dog that can’t do a thing

I have to say, that is the most obscure blog post title I’ve ever written.

We are currently in week two of six weeks of downtime for Logan. When on a walk nearly two weeks ago Logan seemed to injure his leg somehow. We had our suspicions, and the vet later confirmed that he had injured his Cruciate Ligament. While it doesn’t appear to have torn entirely, it does seem to be ruptured enough that if Logan doesn’t stick to strict rest for 6 weeks then he will need surgery.

So what does that mean? That means that, for the time-being at least, Logan can’t do anything. No running. No going for walks. No jumping. While he can walk, we need to keep him as calm and slow as possible to give his leg a chance to heal properly. This is going to be difficult, especially for a dog that whinges at us if he doesn’t get walked for a day.

What we had to do is figure out what to do with a dog that couldn’t do a thing. Continue reading What to do with a dog that can’t do a thing