A photo of two beagles riding in a motorcycle sidecar, complete with riding goggles

Sidecar Dogs getting their due on Kickstarter

It’s no surprise to a lot of people that I love Kickstarter. I have a pinboard next to my desk with postcards from Dog Sled Saga, Shake Well Before Use and Antler Boy & Other Stories.

The latest project I’ve help to fund on Kickstarter is Sit Stay Ride, a documentary film about dogs who ride in sidecars and the motorcycling humans who love them.

By focusing on the dynamic and sometimes eccentric individuals who travel with their dog in a sidecar, we are actually exploring the essential relationship between humans and canines; the extraordinary bond that exists between them and flourishes through shared experiences and adventures.

The crew behind Sit Stay Ride has 7 days left to reach their goal of $28,000. If you want to help fund an awfully heartwarming sounding documentary get on to Kickstarter and pitch in.

Check out the trailer below, and have a look at the Vimeo page if you want to watch any more.

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