When we first started researching huskies before we got Logan we found a lot of sites that told us how to raise show dogs, but we didn’t need to know that. Now that we know more about huskies, their tendencies and temperament, it’s time to give back and try to fill the void.

MyHusky.com.au is designed to help people that love huskies, or think they may love huskies if given the chance, but are not trying to raise perfect show dogs.

About the authors

David Walker

David is a web developer and digital producer.

As well as writing posts and articles, he also maintains the techie side of MyHusky.

Andrew McGiffert

Andrew is an OHS Manager and has background just about everything you can think of.

He wrote a large portion of the Husky User Guide and has done the brunt of the research in leading us down The Path of the Husky.

Our dogs


Tayla was born on the 27th of August 2010. Her family are movie stars, with her family members starring in Eight Below, Snow Dogs and other movies and documentaries.

Tayla is a right little food hound. She loves nothing more than eating, ripping apart her toys and playing it rough with Logan.


Logan was born on the 23rd of July, 2009. His father was 7 x best in show, 5 x runner-up in show,  30 x best in group and 7 x reserve in group.

Logan is the closest thing to human a husky can get. To quote Jurassic Park; “when he looks at you you can tell, he’s figuring things out”.