A Huskyfied Backyard

Our mission

We designed our backyard around keeping our Huskies entertained during the day when we are both at work. Everything included is for a specific purpose. If done properly, the Huskies should be entertained, and our backyard will be safe.

A good way to keep Huskies interested and entertained is to vary the environments around the yard. Different textures to walk on will break up the monotonous of the yard. A mixture of bark, grass, sand and stones should help accomplish this.

A Huskified Backyard

The Tunnel

Whenever we take Logan to dog parks he always loves the tunnels. It was a cinch that we needed to get the Huskies their very own tunnel.

Huskies also instintively like to be up high. We wanted to have a hill that they could sit on top of. We decided to combine the two, tunnel underneath and hilltop above.

We packed dirt on top and sprayed it with water, compacting it before it dried. It has hardened and should hopefully be fairly husky proof.

The pups love it so far. It has become part of Logan’s route around the backyard when he starts running his laps.


The Fountain

Water is obviously an important feature in any husky backyard. Originally our backyard featured a pond in this spot but it proved too hard to maintain so we swapped it out for a fountain.

A fountain is better than a pond for a few reasons. Recirculating or moving water stays cleaner without the opportunity for algae to buildup as quickly. Moving water is also less likely to harbor mosquitoes or other insects.

We are happier with the size of our fountain compared to the pond. The pond allowed enough space for Logan to actually stand in it, which is great for him but means it’s harder to keep clean and loses water faster. The fountain isn’t big enough for either of them to actually get into.


The Sandpit and the Shade

The other side of Logan’s clamshell has been used as a sandpit. While this worked well it was never meant to be a permanent solution, and the sand wasn’t very good quality. We decided to build a proper sandpit, complete with finer sand that will be better to dig in.

The sandpit has been a big hit so far.  No one has been digging anywhere but the sandpit, which is obviously the desired outcome. The only issue is that we may need to refill the sand from time to time, as Logan’s digging fits tend to spray a lot of sand around.

Coming into summer keeping the pups cool will be a high priority. We needed an area with a lot of shade, with comfortable ground underneath. The shade sail covers an area of roughly 3 meters.

One of the poles for the shade sail has also allowed us to hang up a tug toy for the Huskies.


The Trees


The Trees are Robinia Moptops (Pseudoacacia Robinia if anyone is interested 🙂).

Obviously the trees need some protection from digging, so around the base of the trees we put a circle of garden edging and filled it with rocks. This should be effective to stop the Huskies from getting into the dirt and hurting the tree.

The Bali Hut

The Bali Hut is the one thing in the yard that is mostly for us. We bought the materials from Tropical Lifestyles in Queensland.

It blocks a lot of heat out in summer, it’s waterproof for when winter comes back around, and will be a great place to sit up high and watch the Huskies run amuck.

While it is for us, Logan has been spotted standing up on the decking in the shade, so given time I think he may commandeer that as well.

Bali Hut

12 thoughts on “A Huskyfied Backyard

  1. Heather would be proud of you for knowing the name of those plants. They are two spoilt dogs, want to come do my yard now bro. Well done it looks fantastic.

  2. NO that is awesome you have to keep them busy, there attention span is like kids NOT long, if they are not busy, or tired they ate into something
    my sons is the same way, he is a good boy, when he is tired, and or busy… GREAT SITE

    Medicine Hat Alberta Canada

    1. Yeah that’s the problem we had. There wasn’t much out there for them, so Logan started digging and destroying anything he could. They love it out there now though. Tayla has been digging a little, but I think thats just because it’s all still new to her so she’s testing the environment.

      What do you think of malamutes? I haven’t had much experience other than what I’ve read.

  3. Your garden looks ah-may-zing!!
    You guys did such a great job – have you thought about offering your services to other husky owners??

  4. this is an awesome backyard, i start working on mine tomorrow, tube first. do you have any suggestions about what to put around it instead of the wood chips because my husky eats everything so wood chips would be a little dangerous?

    1. The main reason that wood chips can be dangerous is because they splinter. You can try to get the type that is often used in playgrounds, it’s thicker and it doesn’t splinter at all. It breaks into chunks if someone tries eating it. We’re lucky we got the playground type because Tayla picks out a big piece every day and just sits around munching on it.

  5. Thank you for the wounderfull ideas cant wait to do some of theses in my own back yard for my four legged child. The one question I have is what type of fencing or sorround is the gray pannels and is that concreate below it?

    1. The fencing is the “good neighbour” fencing, it’s designed not to have any posts on either side of the fence so no one gets the ugly side. Then we attached bamboo panels to make it look a little nicer.

      Yes it’s concrete below the fencing. We bought concrete sleepers and buried them below all the way around the yard, and then under the concrete is chicken wire to stop them digging under the fences. We actually had to send photos of this to to Logan’s breeder before we could get him. They were really strict on security.

  6. What is the item you used for the underground tunnel and how much did it cost? It is such a great idea, comparable tunnels go for over $900 and look cheap. Great ideas


  7. We love your husky playground idea. We want to create something similar for ours. Where did you get the tunnel?

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