5 thoughts on “Video: The Chowtime Procedure

    1. They can most definitely eat more than that, but we’ve been keeping an eye on their weight lately. It’s awkward having three in the house at meal time. Logan needs to put on some weight, Tayla is perfect, and Kato needs to lose a little weight.

  1. hey, i live in an apartment of 2 bedrooms and a living room, i would love to have a husky dog, but the thing is i have to go to college almost everyday, on an average of 4-5 hours a day, do i still qualify of owning one?

    1. This really depends on how big your apartment is, how much time you have to spend with a dog when you aren’t in class, and how much you are able to keep a dog entertained during the day. If you are able to come up with ways to keep a dog stimulated and active during the day, and are able to spend enough time with the dog outside of class to keep him exercised and fit, then maybe. But if your dog will be pent up and bored during the day, and if you have to spend too much time outside of class studying or working, then it might not be the best life for the dog and probably isn’t a good idea.

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