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Bringing home a new puppy

Well today is the first annual Tayla Day. We are currently driving to the airport to pick up Tayla. In about half an hour a drugged up little husky will be flying into Adelaide Airport.

We’ve been doing a lot to get prepared for bringing Tayla home and we think we have it all worked out. Here’s a few of the things we’ve considered:

The Resident Dog (Logan)

In all of the excitement of the new puppy it is easy to forget the needs of the resident dog. But considerations to the resident dog can make the whole process much easier.

For your resident dog to accept the new dog it is important that the resident sees how the new dog will benefit him. The new dog needs to be seen as a new playmate and a good addition to the dogs life.

The resident dog needs to get as much attention as he got before the new dog, he needs to have as many toys and get played with just as much as before the new dog came along. When the new dog comes into the home the resident dog needs to be able to retreat to their own bed for some space.

If the new dog is seen as taking attention or belongings away from the resident dog then some resentment may develop and territorial behaviors may emerge.

Introducing the dogs

The way that you introduce a new dog to the resident dog is very important for the wellbeing of both dogs. A well planned introduction can help to make the new dog comfortable, reduce any territorial behavior from the resident and reduce the likelihood of any unfortunate incidents.

Introduce the dogs at a neutral location. Walking the new dog into your living room will force the resident dogs territorial instincts to kick in, especially with two male dogs. It is best to introduce the dogs in a park or on an oval where neither dog has been before. This way neither dog can be seen as the ‘intruder’.

Anyone else expecting new dogs soon? How bout have experience introducing new dogs to resident dogs?

Watch this space, lots of photos coming soon 🙂

May I Introduce

As some of you already know, we’ve been planning on getting another Sibe for a while now. We thought that Logan is at about the right age and developmentally would benefit greatly from having a little sister running around.

Well after a lot of research and looking around we found a few puppies for sale in Tasmania.

And with that, let me introduce Tayla.

We will be picking Tayla up from the airport in a few weeks. Tayla will be about 8 weeks old when we get her. She was born in a litter with 4 other girls. One of whom may be coming to live just around the corner from us.

Her parents originated from Canada. Dogs in her family have starred in many movies; including Snow Dogs,Snow Buddies, Iron Will, 8 Below, The Last Trapper & many other documentaries.

We have a lot more of a plan with Tayla than we did with Logan. All of the dos and donts that we learnt with Logan over the last year will come in handy over the next year.

We shall be writing posts about the new puppy dramas, starting with a post about the best ways to introduce the new puppy to the household.

So watch this space 🙂

Welcome to MyHusky.com

Welcome to MyHusky.com

We’ve just launched and have high hopes for the site. I encourage everyone to look around, check out the photos and generally just have a good time. We’ve endeavored to touch on all of they subjects when raising huskies, but if there’s anything that we’ve missed just let us know. If we don’t know we can try to find out.

MyHusky came out of the frustration of not being able to find good information about having a husky as a family pet, especially in South Australia but also globally. Many websites and books provided information about raising huskies as show dogs, but not every husky is destined for show.

I’d love for MyHusky to become a real community for husky people. So if anyone feels they have something to add, then let me know. Leave comments, start conversations, go nuts.

MyHusky is the site, but I have to introduce my actual husky, Logan. We got Logan in August, 2009. We had him flown over from Victoria and picked him up from the airport. He’s a little over one year old. He’s doing well in school and beginning to settle down with his behavior.

We think it’s about time to get another husky, mostly for Logan’s companionship. Huskies are very social animals and with us both working full time it isn’t fair for Logan. He does go to daycare two days a week, which usually tires him out for the rest of the week, but while he is at home we’d like him to be happy.

We did a lot of research before deciding to get a husky. This is one thing a lot of people don’t do, which is why they are so overwhelmed once their husky comes home and starts it’s reign of chaos. I find it so sad looking through the paper and seeing young huskies being sold for next to nothing, because it is usually because people haven’t realized how much work a husky is.

That’s a little about us, Logan and the site. So as I said before, have a look around, ask questions, and have fun with your huskies.