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Tayla’s sad day

Let’s start this by saying Tayla is not going to have a good day tomorrow. We’re dropping her off to get her desexed in the morning. I feel for the poor girl, she wont be having a happy Easter. So everyone feel real sorry for her.

I know some people have reservations about desexing animals. Whether it be because of the fear of a major operation, the feeling that it’s unnecessary or that it may change their dogs personality somehow. Honestly Tayla is such a happy-go-lucky scamp at the moment, I was a little concerned that such an op may dampen her spirits for good (I’ve since been assured repeatedly that she’ll be fine :P).

That being said, I was a little taken aback yesterday when I told someone this and they responded with “awww how cruel, I could never do that to one of my dogs”.

There are definitely pros and cons when it comes to desexing. The big con for most people obviously being the operation itself. Give it a week or so and she’ll likely have recovered from the op, the other pros and cons are a little more long term.

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Zeus the Husky

Zeus, a Siberian Husky that had his paw mauled by a female dog when he was a puppy, has had a titanium prosthetic paw attached to replace it. He is now resting comfortably after the operation, where the prosthetic was infused into his leg bone.

Since the attack Zeus has had to limp on three legs, which isn’t an easy feat for a Husky. Imagine a breed built for speed and endurance forced to limp around.

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