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Share your toys!

taylatoyIt’s time to get your cameras back out! Does your dog have a favourite toy? Or is it just the toy that has survived the longest (so far)? We want to see your dog and their favourite toy in the whole world.

The best part about dealing with animals so much, living with and seeing so many huskies is that we all end up with so many photos. That’s why I decided to find a way to get everyone sharing their favourite photos of their dogs.

This will be the theme until the end of April, so lets try to get as many awesome photos as we can.

Click here to share your photos!

Your photos: The Sleeping Beauties

leeloo   i can sleep like this can you We asked you if you have any photos of your dogs sleeping like the inner freaks that they are, and it seems that you do.

We’ve all seen our dogs do it. They start off sleeping normally, but with all of the stretching and rolling they end up in the weirdest positions.

Thanks to everyone who uploaded their photos. Here are all the photos you uploaded of your very own sleeping beauties.

I hope you weren t planning on doing any washing  or getting out the back door for that matter   Magic   Age 7
Waiting For Dad To Come Home From Night Shift
Crashed Kodi
Kodi and Hope

In the footwell of the carafter a day of shopping
Kato found the tightest spot to sqeeze in a nap

How Bear spends his time sleeping
Really it doesn't smell  Maia
Maia insists on being my blanket
leeloo   real lady dont mind to show her belly

Crazy arse Tayla
Logan climbing the wall

My Storm sleeping with mummy
Lars snoozing upside down on the lawn with a ball  Weirdo
Tayla sleeping like a weirdo

Willow, Aura, and Tikaani stealing couch space

Stay tuned and get your photos ready.

A new photos theme is coming soon.