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One of the many reasons that pet stores suck

We have all heard the dangers of pet stores (puppy farms, genetic issues, backyard breeders, etc), and I’m going to leave it to everyone else to argue those points. Since this is a website dedicated to huskies there is one issue that gets to me every time…

Go to a pet store that sells dogs, I’d be surprised if they give you any honest and accurate descriptions about the breed’s temperament, behaviours, energy levels, or anything other than cute and fluffy.

Raising a husky puppy is often hard at times. The first time your puppy destroys something you love is a true test. Vacuuming your couch for the second time this week is determination. Picking up the pieces of the limited edition baseball you bought on your trip to Disney World and telling yourself that to be fair you shouldn’t have left it on the bed (and if you’d walked the dogs more often they wouldn’t be so destructive in the first place) is a level of honesty most people don’t get to. Selling dogs without giving any warnings is just plain negligent, and fills our shelters with dogs that people just weren’t prepared for.

Below is the information that a local pet store gave about husky puppy being sold there, along with some of the information that I think people actually need to hear.