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Favourite Things Competitions

On the 18th of September it will have been 2 years since Logan came home from the airport with us. Being a sentimental sort of chap, I figured that’s something we’ve gotta celebrate.

So I’ve put together a pack of some of Logan’s favourite things for somebody to win. The pack includes 1 plush bear, 1 Everlasting Treat Ball and 1 bag of yoghurt drops.

The bear

This is the first thing Logan picked up when he got home. He immediately started carrying it around and tried to find a hidey hole to plot the bear’s demise.

A small puppy Logan running with his new plush bear.

The bear actually lasted a surprisingly long time, but eventually met it’s end.

The ball

The Everlasting Ball kept Logan occupied for lengths at a time.

He first discovered it while doing Puppy Preschool at Angle Vale Vets 4 Pets, and we bought one for him straight away.

A blue everlasting treat ball

Logan has loved the ball ever since, and we’ve only had to replace it once (although that was probably Tayla’s fault).

The treats

Logan always had a preference for yoghurt. He use to get yoghurt mixed in with his meals, and loved the little yoghurt drops we got him from PetStock. We would play games and give him the choice of what treat to get, he always sniffed out and ate the yoghurt drops first.

Drew sitting with Logan begging for yoghurt drops.

How to win

So that’s what’s in Logan’s Favourite Things pack. To enter the competition leave a comment below listing what would be in your dog’s favourite things pack. I want to hear some cool stuff here folks 🙂

The winner will be drawn on Logan Day, September the 18th.

What’s in a name?

This morning I found the list that I made up when we were trying to come up with a name for Tayla. It got me wondering how people picked names for their dogs.

Logan had his name long before we even found him. I’ve always been an X-Men fan, so as soon as we decided that we were going to get a Husky I decided that I wanted to call him Logan.

On a side note, Logan’s original name was Hurley. We didn’t find this out until after we had been calling him Logan for a while. (It’s a shame really, Hurley would have been a cool name for Logan)

For Tayla it was a little harder. We wrote a long list of names, and then went through and crossed them off one by one.

Warning: This list may reveal some geeky tendencies that would likely be better off hidden.

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Million Paws Walk 2011

Well most Aussies know that today was the annual RSPCA Million Paws Walk. It was a great day, with a hell of a lot of dogs.

In case you don’t know, the Million Paws Walk is an annual event conducted nationally to raise money for the RSPCA’s shelters. This year the RSPCA raised over $300,000, the most being from New South Wales with a whopping $100,000.

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Merry Christmas Ya’ll

We had a grand evening at The Woofery’s Christmas night last weekend. Lots of other dogs were there, free taste testing of the treats for the pups, and Santa even showed up to hand out some toys and treats.

Given that Tayla goes absolutely crazy for food, and that the treats would be flowing freely for the evening, we decided to just take Logan with us. Tayla would be…less than graceful.

Of course we couldn’t resist leaving before spending a lot of money on Christmas treats. We got some Santa and Snowman biscuits, some stars for Tayla and an Awesome Christmas tree made of up biscuits.

I’ve got a few weeks off over Christmas that I shall be spending at home with the Huskies. Drew shall be working so I think I’ll be Husky wrangling alone for a while 😛

Tayla and Logan also have a Secret Santa present coming from America from an unknown It’s a Husky Thing Member. It’s the first time I’ve been involved in a Secret Santa for dogs 😛

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Anyone got any big plans for Christmas?

Bringing home a new puppy

Well today is the first annual Tayla Day. We are currently driving to the airport to pick up Tayla. In about half an hour a drugged up little husky will be flying into Adelaide Airport.

We’ve been doing a lot to get prepared for bringing Tayla home and we think we have it all worked out. Here’s a few of the things we’ve considered:

The Resident Dog (Logan)

In all of the excitement of the new puppy it is easy to forget the needs of the resident dog. But considerations to the resident dog can make the whole process much easier.

For your resident dog to accept the new dog it is important that the resident sees how the new dog will benefit him. The new dog needs to be seen as a new playmate and a good addition to the dogs life.

The resident dog needs to get as much attention as he got before the new dog, he needs to have as many toys and get played with just as much as before the new dog came along. When the new dog comes into the home the resident dog needs to be able to retreat to their own bed for some space.

If the new dog is seen as taking attention or belongings away from the resident dog then some resentment may develop and territorial behaviors may emerge.

Introducing the dogs

The way that you introduce a new dog to the resident dog is very important for the wellbeing of both dogs. A well planned introduction can help to make the new dog comfortable, reduce any territorial behavior from the resident and reduce the likelihood of any unfortunate incidents.

Introduce the dogs at a neutral location. Walking the new dog into your living room will force the resident dogs territorial instincts to kick in, especially with two male dogs. It is best to introduce the dogs in a park or on an oval where neither dog has been before. This way neither dog can be seen as the ‘intruder’.

Anyone else expecting new dogs soon? How bout have experience introducing new dogs to resident dogs?

Watch this space, lots of photos coming soon 🙂