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Geneticist and Chief Instructor, Jack Humphrey, graduate, Dr. Raymond Harris with his Seeing Eye dog, Tartar, Adelaide Clifford, our first female instructor, graduate, Dr. Howard Buchanan with his Seeing Eye dog, Gala, and The Seeing Eye's first Executive Vice President, Willi Ebeling. Photo from seeingeye.org

Guide Dogs Around the World

Today marks a milestone in the history of companion animals, so it’s time for a history lesson.

Today is the 85th anniversary of the oldest seeing eye dog school in Northern America. The Seeing Eye opened their doors on January 29th, 1929, after renting an office for $15 a month in the Fourth and First National Bank Building in Nashville, Tennessee. The first class was comprised of Dr. Howard Buchanan and Dr. Raymond Harris, who were teamed with Shepherds Gala and Tartar. Continue reading