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One of the many reasons that pet stores suck

We have all heard the dangers of pet stores (puppy farms, genetic issues, backyard breeders, etc), and I’m going to leave it to everyone else to argue those points. Since this is a website dedicated to huskies there is one issue that gets to me every time…

Go to a pet store that sells dogs, I’d be surprised if they give you any honest and accurate descriptions about the breed’s temperament, behaviours, energy levels, or anything other than cute and fluffy.

Raising a husky puppy is often hard at times. The first time your puppy destroys something you love is a true test. Vacuuming your couch for the second time this week is determination. Picking up the pieces of the limited edition baseball you bought on your trip to Disney World and telling yourself that to be fair you shouldn’t have left it on the bed (and if you’d walked the dogs more often they wouldn’t be so destructive in the first place) is a level of honesty most people don’t get to. Selling dogs without giving any warnings is just plain negligent, and fills our shelters with dogs that people just weren’t prepared for.

Below is the information that a local pet store gave about husky puppy being sold there, along with some of the information that I think people actually need to hear.


When good dogs go bad

Here’s a bit of a glimpse of what happens when good dogs go bad. Well, not bad, but bored.

We try to keep the dogs well exercised, entertained and stimulated. We do this through regular walks, training, occasional visits to the dog park, etc. But occasionally work builds up, commitments get in the way, and weather turns bad, resulting in the dogs feeling a little pent up and bored. This is a dangerous spot to get to, because this is what can happen if it gets too bad… Continue reading When good dogs go bad

The one thing I keep thinking that gets busted nearly every time.

“pfft, she wouldn’t eat that”

Leave a hose head on the grass, pillow on the couch, lawnmower manual on the floor. The last thing I think as I leave the room is “nah that’ll be fine, why would she eat that?”. Jump forward to 10 minutes later when I’m trying to piece a lawnmower manual back together so I can find out how to turn the damn thing on.

Don’t underestimate dogs, no matter the breed, but especially Huskies. I know everyone probably has a story about weirdarse stuff that their dogs have eaten. Usually this isn’t a danger to their health, Logan stole the ‘a’ key from a friend’s keyboard once and I don’t believe that affected him in any way other than a newfound appreciation for keyboards.

The danger, of course, comes when something like this happens;

Continue reading The one thing I keep thinking that gets busted nearly every time.

Husky Destruction

Subtitle: What the Huskies Did Today

As Cyclone Yasi bears down on Queensland tonight, we had our own little cyclone in our lounge room. It has been rather unbearably hot of late, and as such we have let Logan and Tayla stay inside while we’ve been at work during the day. They managed this without incident for two days, but today it seems they got a tad bored.

Ripped up couch cushions, chewed up plastic and plant leaves.

And it didn’t stop there…

Oooohhh, there it is. Clearly the Huskies thought this was a better place for a miniature zen garden.

So that’s what Logan and Tayla did today. Clearly that is the end of the ‘staying inside’ experiment. Luckily the heat has died down for now.

The Husky ability for random destruction has always been well known, but up till now we had yet to see it at these extremes. Obviously we can’t tell them off for it, can’t show any anger towards them, both because they didn’t know any better and because we don’t know when they did it. If they did it when we first left this morning then scolding them 8 hours later isn’t going to accomplish anything.

Obviously our thoughts are with the people of Queensland tonight, but please someone think of us too.

The Lifespan of Toys

As all dog owners know, toys are a big part of a dogs life. Picking the right toy is a careful process, especially for a breed that is so adept at taking toys apart. We have gone through many, many toys in the year that we have had Logan. There have been a few that have lasted over a month, but the average lifespan before a toy is retired has been about 2-3 weeks.

Huskies look at toys a little different to a lot of other breeds. When Logan gets a soft toy with a squeeker inside, he generally spends quite a while determining exactly where inside the toy the squeeker resides.

I thought I would give you all an example of what Logan has done to his toys in the last month or two. This is just a small pile of toys that were still around the house.

Click each image to see a bigger version.

It is important to remember that you should take the toy away from the dog as soon as any rips like this are seen. Huskies will get inside the toy, eat the stuffing and any squeekers they happen to find inside. Buying a new toy is much cheaper than letting them play with ripped toys, and the subsequent vet trip to get the stuffing removed from their stomach.

Below is the newest group of toys that Logan has at the moment. Some of them are duplicates of older toys. Logan was ecstatic to see the monkey back, without realising that it wasn’t the same monkey.

How do you guys handle toys? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make toys last a little longer?