5 thoughts on “The coppers at the park

  1. Such pretty dogs!

    Do you have any problems having them off-leash? Because I have read a lot about keeping Huskies and Malamutes on leash to avoid them chasing down anything in range that moves!

    1. We only let them off the leash when we go to a fenced off dog park. I know people that can have their huskies off leash without an issue, but overall it’s not something I’d recommend. We’ve not tried it, but I get the feeling that if Logan got out he would just run and run.

  2. Fantastic website, great to see an Aussie site on these cunning critters. This is the breed that is and will always be the true unmistakable canine I will always be fascinated by and always love.

    The Siberian Husky, the greatest gift God could have ever given me.

  3. Huskies are good and loyal dogs. I always enjoy watching huskies imitating their master on youtube. But owners also need to take a good care with these wonderful beast.

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