Search and rescue Logan

Logan always seems to walk much nicer, he seems so much happier and interacts with us so much more when he is walking with his backpack on. It really seems like the backpack gives him a purpose for the walk.


3 thoughts on “Search and rescue Logan

  1. I have read about this……giving a husky a job, and I have often wondered if it would help Thor with his pulling, He really is enjoying the sledding training, and picking up on left and right πŸ˜€ .. I wonder if this might help….. I might have to invest in one to find out… I see it has a few anchorge points on this ezydog one…. where did you get it πŸ˜€

    1. It could really help Thor. Logan definitely seems more fulfilled and a little less crazy after using it. We’ve put a little bit of gravel in either side, just to give it a bit of weight. We are going to try to get Tayla one as well. We got it from Metro Mutt’s stall at the Million Paws Walk a couple of years ago. It is this one:

    2. Hey Tamara,
      Your husky will LOVE a backpack. I saw it on the Dog Whisperer and as soon as my boy was old enough to fit one, I saddled him up. He carries 2 x 500ml (full) water bottles in his – one on each side and when we run, I empty them out progressively (giving him a drink too which is a bonus) until by the end of the 45 min run both are just about empty. When we walk with his backpack, I keep both bottles full and walk for an hour – he’s nicely tired (but not shattered) after that. You might want to play with the amount of weight Thor carries to suit his specific energy level. I think Mogwai (my Husky) is probably a medium level energy (again, another Dog Whisperer thing). Also, if he’s pulling you might like to try the Illusion collar by Cesar Millan (can you tell I’m a fan??!). It’s best used when walking your dog (not jogging etc) and can help your dog learn to walk by your side not way up front. When Cesar uses it, he drains the dog’s energy first with a rollerblade, (you could do a jog), then teaches the dog using the collar, to stick by his side. Hope you and Thor have fun with the backpack! You’ll never look back and will have a different dog at the end of the lead from the first walk. Promise.

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