Zeus the Husky

Zeus, a Siberian Husky that had his paw mauled by a female dog when he was a puppy, has had a titanium prosthetic paw attached to replace it. He is now resting comfortably after the operation, where the prosthetic was infused into his leg bone.

Since the attack Zeus has had to limp on three legs, which isn’t an easy feat for a Husky. Imagine a breed built for speed and endurance forced to limp around.

For anyone doubting the necessity for this operation;

“Whenever he meets another dog, he tucks it in and hides it,” Zeus’s owner says. “It’s like he doesn’t want the other dogs to see that he doesn’t have a foot. He wants to run and play, but he tires out after about five minutes. It really affects his quality of life.”

This is the first time this operation has been performed on a front paw. It has been performed 5 times on back paws. Dogs use their front paws for much more complex functions than back paws, so this is definitely a bit of a coo.

At the moment Zeus is resting in an enclosure with a rubber floor to ensure the safety of his new prosthetic.

Zeus will now have a recovery period of 10-12 weeks. During this time he won’t be able to run on his new paw.

The operation took place at the North Carolina State Veterinary University.

Check out the vid for more.

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