When good dogs go bad

Here’s a bit of a glimpse of what happens when good dogs go bad. Well, not bad, but bored.

We try to keep the dogs well exercised, entertained and stimulated. We do this through regular walks, training, occasional visits to the dog park, etc. But occasionally work builds up, commitments get in the way, and weather turns bad, resulting in the dogs feeling a little pent up and bored. This is a dangerous spot to get to, because this is what can happen if it gets too bad…

Since the weather in Adelaide has been so cold and wet, which makes our backyard turn to swamp, we’ve tried leaving the dogs inside a few times lately. On the third day this is what we came home to. You might remember this happening a few years ago too, in mostly the same situation.

This results in a renewed dedication to keep them well exercised and a little more well balanced. We’re going to stop leaving them inside for a while until we get back into the rhythm of walking, training and stimulation. But I guarantee we’ll get them to a point where we can trust them inside without fear.

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