What’s in a name?

This morning I found the list that I made up when we were trying to come up with a name for Tayla. It got me wondering how people picked names for their dogs.

Logan had his name long before we even found him. I’ve always been an X-Men fan, so as soon as we decided that we were going to get a Husky I decided that I wanted to call him Logan.

On a side note, Logan’s original name was Hurley. We didn’t find this out until after we had been calling him Logan for a while. (It’s a shame really, Hurley would have been a cool name for Logan)

For Tayla it was a little harder. We wrote a long list of names, and then went through and crossed them off one by one.

Warning: This list may reveal some geeky tendencies that would likely be better off hidden.

These were the possibilities;






Of course we ended up with Teyla, although we did change the spelling to make it a little easier for people that hadn’t heard the name before.

How did you all come up with the names for your dogs? Were they named after anyone, or anything, in particular?

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  1. Their surname is Thundercloud. So we chose Storm Thundercloud. Niki was named as Huskies are originally Russian dogs, so was given Nikita as a Russian name.

  2. Akira’s name popped into my head on the way home from picking her up. But we wanted to name her something that sounded like a Husky would have, so I got home, googled “Siberian Husky names” and hers was the first name that came up. Sold. While not a Sibe she’s the sister to a Sibe LOL, so Halo was named after the Beyonce song because her half sister is named Beyonce and she was what sold me on having a lappie.

  3. Taiga…I named my siberian female dog after the siberian forest area Taiga…seems everyone likes it and it suits her perfect…

  4. Well we are the alphabet family.
    I’m Ashleigh, the boyfriend is Boyd
    Our cat is Corpsegrinder.
    Our first husky now deceased was Didge
    So Esky’s name was easy to come up with. It was easily the best name starting with E ๐Ÿ˜€ (and a very awesome name anyway) We had it picked out about 9 months before she came to us.

    Our next family members name will start with F
    You should see the size of the names list …

  5. I spent 24 hours writing down random words that I heard people say that could be used as cool names for a dog. I narrowed it down to Cash, Barli & Jett.

    But when I finally got him I didn’t like any of them and found a website with Native American tribe names so I ended up choosing Kato which means Lake ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I have always wanted a female husky and liked the name Kovu, but was told it didn’t sound like a girls name. My two Russian blue cats are Africa and Asia, so we thought of as many names to match but none sounded right.
    We then went through all of the tv shows we watch and we had two name Ziva and Electra.
    While searching for a husky we stumbled across a most popular names list and saw Pandora. Once I heard it I knew that was the right name, now I just need the dog to go with it.

    1. Well you never know, you may find the perfect puppy, look her in the eyes and realise she looks like a Kovu.

      Have you thought about Kiara? Kovu was the male lion in The Lion King 2, Kiara was the female.

      1. Kiara just didn’t sound right and I liked the name Kovu before deciding that I wanted a female dog. I did the same with my cats they had their names two years before I got each of them. It’s just a waiting game.

  7. We chose STAR as all letters are in both of our names, plus he is our Star – but is also known as Monstar,Barry, Mr Star, Star Du Bois & Boo Boo.

  8. hahaha , my pale red lady is named “Keisha”- it’s terrible! her previous owner said she was named after a Rottie!which makes sense for a Rottie! it just reminds me of Some deep south good ol’ laquisha or something- now i just call her keish- which kind of suits her because she’s the same colour as a quiche. and her son is an agouti and he is named Kaiser- when he was a tiny little guy i really wanted to name him Bowser but i though- what if he grows up distinguished?? he’ll e embarrassed of his name. turns out he wouldn’t have been.

  9. I just wanted to say I love your site, and I giggled when I saw you had “kairi” on your list of names.
    We are expecting our first husky in 3 weeks, and we are calling her Sora (also from kingdom hearts, even tho in the game it was a boys name, we thought it suited her really well with her sky blue eyes, sora meaning sky in japanese).

    1. Haha we had Sora on Logan’s list of names too. But we decided to go for the Marvel Comics reference rather than the Kingdom Hearts reference.

      Make sure to post a photo of Sora to our Facebook Page when you get her. We’d love to see her.

  10. I have a 7 month old Copper Husky puppy who i fell inlove with the moment i saw him. He is just wonderful and he come to the farm with me every. His Name is Hachiko but Hachi for short. I am really enjoying watching him grow up and look forward to many wonderful years with him.

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