The Lifespan of Toys

As all dog owners know, toys are a big part of a dogs life. Picking the right toy is a careful process, especially for a breed that is so adept at taking toys apart. We have gone through many, many toys in the year that we have had Logan. There have been a few that have lasted over a month, but the average lifespan before a toy is retired has been about 2-3 weeks.

Huskies look at toys a little different to a lot of other breeds. When Logan gets a soft toy with a squeeker inside, he generally spends quite a while determining exactly where inside the toy the squeeker resides.

I thought I would give you all an example of what Logan has done to his toys in the last month or two. This is just a small pile of toys that were still around the house.

Click each image to see a bigger version.

It is important to remember that you should take the toy away from the dog as soon as any rips like this are seen. Huskies will get inside the toy, eat the stuffing and any squeekers they happen to find inside. Buying a new toy is much cheaper than letting them play with ripped toys, and the subsequent vet trip to get the stuffing removed from their stomach.

Below is the newest group of toys that Logan has at the moment. Some of them are duplicates of older toys. Logan was ecstatic to see the monkey back, without realising that it wasn’t the same monkey.

How do you guys handle toys? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make toys last a little longer?

7 thoughts on “The Lifespan of Toys

  1. Does Logan like tennis balls? they tend to last quite a while but thats when you upgrade and get the soccer sized ones but its still a tennis ball, They cost about $10 and you get them from $2 stores, they are great fun I am sure Logan would love one of those 😛

    1. Logan absolutely loves tennis balls. He has squeaky ones that he goes nuts for. He’s not allowed to play with them alone though. I’m not sure if it’s all dogs, or just huskies, but some dogs focus on pulling off all the fluff on tennis balls. The fluff then gets stuck in their throats and cause health problems. As soon as Logan starts doing that to a ball we need to take it from him.

      1. My Husky is the same, tennis balls are a dangerous toy when unsupervised as they tend to demolish them by eating all the fluff then tearing the rubber up. Each time I get a new toy I put it in my dogs dry food for awhile to make it smell appealing then I give it to him, he seems to like that.

        1. Dude that is an awesome idea. I’d never heard of doing that before. I’m gonna try that next time we get Logan new toys, see if he reacts any differently to them.

  2. My dogs all love soft toys, I get them from the local op shops. I’ve found getting ones that don’t have those button type eyes and noses last longer cos they can’t pull them off make a hole and pull out all the fluff. Embroided eyes are better, the button ones can also pose a choking hazard.

    1. That’s a good point. I had a friend whose dog would rip the eyes off any soft toy, and then just leave the eyes and the remainder of the toy. He didn’t seem to want them for anything in particular, just wanted to separate the two.

      We’ve found that Ikea soft toys are unexpectedly durable. We got Logan a rat from Ikea and it has lasted longer than any of his actual dog toys.

      Logan doesn’t really go for the eyes though. He usually thrashes the whole toy around with so much force that he rips the seams around the necks and tails.

      1. Ikea hey, hadn’t thought of that my daughter loves ikea toys but that purely because of the huge tags. I will give that a whirl. Great site by the way very professional.

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