Tayla’s sad day

Let’s start this by saying Tayla is not going to have a good day tomorrow. We’re dropping her off to get her desexed in the morning. I feel for the poor girl, she wont be having a happy Easter. So everyone feel real sorry for her.

I know some people have reservations about desexing animals. Whether it be because of the fear of a major operation, the feeling that it’s unnecessary or that it may change their dogs personality somehow. Honestly Tayla is such a happy-go-lucky scamp at the moment, I was a little concerned that such an op may dampen her spirits for good (I’ve since been assured repeatedly that she’ll be fine :P).

That being said, I was a little taken aback yesterday when I told someone this and they responded with “awww how cruel, I could never do that to one of my dogs”.

There are definitely pros and cons when it comes to desexing. The big con for most people obviously being the operation itself. Give it a week or so and she’ll likely have recovered from the op, the other pros and cons are a little more long term.


Desexing female dogs reduces or removes the risk of mammary tumors, pyometron and ovarian cancers. In male dogs it reduces or removes the risk of prostate diseases, testicular cancer, hernias and perianal tumors.

On the flip side, desexing also increases the risk of some other diseases and ailments, but I believe the reduction of risk outweighs the increased risk of other ailments.

Check out these pages for more info on the health pros and cons;




Desexed males are far less territorial than intact males, there is often less marking areas (although that’s not the case with Logan).

Desexed females don’t go through heat every year. Not only is this less stressful for her, but also means that dogs in the surroundings won’t be breaking down the fence to get to her. Male dogs will escape from their yard and fight each other to get to a female in heat.

Desexed dogs also tend to keep some of those puppy-like attributes (playfulness, general happiness) for much longer.


Let’s be honest, this is clearly what it’s all about here. Accidental or unplanned pregnancies are usually just reckless and neglectful.

  • Some breeds have a very high chance of fatal complications when delivering puppies.
  • Some breeds (namely Huskies, German Shepherds and other big dogs) need a lot of attention paid to genetics and bloodlines to ensure healthy puppies and reduce the chances of anger and behavioural issues.
  • Raising happy, healthy puppies is a fair bit of work. Tayla came from a qualified breeder and even she has some issues we believe are caused by her first weeks.

In the 2009-2010 financial year 20,177 dogs were euthanized by the RSPCA in Australia, whether because they had medical issues, behavior problems or just couldn’t be found a home. If you haven’t planned on having puppies, chances are you may be adding to this number for this year.

Whether or not you decide to get your dog desexed, the most important thing…is to feel sorry for Tayla tomorrow 😛

4 thoughts on “Tayla’s sad day

    1. Oh she is just fine and dandy. That night she was feeling rather sorry for herself, staring at walls, walking around very slowly, that sort of thing. But the next day she got up just like nothing happened. We actually had to keep her from running around and climbing on things, because as far as she was concerned she was all better and could do what she wanted.

      She wasn’t really bothered with her stitches at all, she seem more concerned at her shaved belly. I think she was getting a tad cold.

      Thanks for asking 🙂

      1. did you guys have to give her some kind of medication for any potential pain though? like i would assume that the anesthetic administered on her would eventually fade away after certain amount of time (after the surgery)? did she experience any sort of pain at all?

        hey! you should take a picture of her and her shaved belly! i wanna see!

        1. She had a few painkillers for that night and the day after. Other than that she had two tablets a day to help it heal and keep it from getting infected.

          But after the first night she didn’t seem to have any pain at all, except a few times when she got a little too rambunctious and started jumping up the back of the couch.

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