Quick tip: Walk time

Just a quick tip for when it comes to walk time. We all know some dogs have some anxiety and get a little crazy around walk time. Tayla certainly does, but we’ve found that getting out of the house nice and fast helps her incredibly.

In the future try not to let them get excited about going for a walk until you are ready to walk out the door. Letting them know they are going for a walk (for example putting their collar and leash on) and then letting them wait while you slowly get your shoes and socks, get yourself a drink, and go to the toilet just gives them plenty of time to get over-excited and anxious. Try to do everything nice and quietly, and then leave briskly after your dog realises what is going on.

Tayla being contemplative

2 thoughts on “Quick tip: Walk time

  1. Shadow our two year old is the same…Main thing we have to do is sneaky put our shoes on, because he knows if we’re sitting there putting our shoes on and not getting anyone else ready in the house then we must be going out on a walk with him 🙂 Very smart.

    We tend to find some room to stash our shoes in that he doesn’t hang near and put them on in there and then pop over and grab his lead and go too.

  2. my daughter as 1and a half yr dog, she got him at 10mth old and was never taken out on a leash, so when she takes him out he gets very excited( jumping, barking constantly) this makes my daughter very anxious and upsetting. she loves the dog(Storm) very much and tries very hard to try and calm him down, but it doesn’t work to well. we have tried treats but he turns his nose up at them, please as anyone any ideas how to calm him down and get him to walk properly on a leash. wewould be very greatfull.

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