The one thing I keep thinking that gets busted nearly every time.

“pfft, she wouldn’t eat that”

Leave a hose head on the grass, pillow on the couch, lawnmower manual on the floor. The last thing I think as I leave the room is “nah that’ll be fine, why would she eat that?”. Jump forward to 10 minutes later when I’m trying to piece a lawnmower manual back together so I can find out how to turn the damn thing on.

Don’t underestimate dogs, no matter the breed, but especially Huskies. I know everyone probably has a story about weirdarse stuff that their dogs have eaten. Usually this isn’t a danger to their health, Logan stole the ‘a’ key from a friend’s keyboard once and I don’t believe that affected him in any way other than a newfound appreciation for keyboards.

The danger, of course, comes when something like this happens;

For the most part it isn’t a huge problem. Dogs can’t digest plastic, so if the plastic is in small pieces and not sharp then it should just pass straight through. Your dog may throw up a bit and be a little off for a couple days, but all should be fine. As far as I know there isn’t much of a toxicity concern with stuff like this.

The danger comes when the pieces are too big or sharp. Pieces like this could get lodged in the oesophagus, stomach, intestines and would likely need surgery to be removed.

If your dog does eat something like this then make sure you give them a check. If they throw up then check if there is any blood in it, same as when it comes out the other end. Check if the dog has any pain over their stomach and body. And don’t be afraid to grab your dog and get to the vet. It may be unnecessary, but I’d rather be too alarmist than too lax.

Of course, back to my original point, this isn’t a concern if you make sure there is nothing in your dog’s environment that they will be tempted to devour. And if you thinking “pfft, she won’t eat that”, just remember this post.

4 thoughts on “The one thing I keep thinking that gets busted nearly every time.

  1. Thanks David, I was going to trial leaving Kato in a much larger area to roam while I was out tonight, but after reading your post….. I think it might be a sign! Haha Love the atricle, especially loved the mention of my missing ‘A’ key haha

    1. Haha no prob, glad I could help 🙂 Tayla is just a little Kato, so if she ate a plastic container I’m sure Kato would probably eat you tv or something.

      Feel free to drop Kato off at our place whenever if you don’t wanna leave him home.

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