Owner profiles: Willow & Dexter

Willow and Dexter are regulars at the South Australian meets (they’ve been too every meet so far).

Willow is nearly 3 years old, with only mere weeks between their birthdays she is nearly the same age as Logan. Dexter is much younger, with his first birthday last December.

For this owner profile we are talking to Willow and Dexter’s owners, Rosemary and Daniel.

What made you want to get a husky?

I’ve always loved huskies ever since i was younger, they are such beautiful loving dogs.

We researched for a couple of months before we got Willow so we knew what we were getting into but it still doesn’t prepare you for the real thing!

Having huskies has made us a lot more active. We have had to make a lot of changes to our house and backyard for them. Also we have met lots of other great dog lovers!

What has been the most troublesome aspect of raising your huskies?

The anxiety of worrying about them escaping/running off.

What sort of activities do you do with Willow and Dexter?

They both attend the Para Districts Dog Obedience Club on Sunday mornings. They get a few trips to the dog park a week plus a few walks or jogs.

Willow loves playing tug and fetch with toys. Dexter likes zooming around the backyard and chewing.

Their favourite places to go are Jenkins Reserve Dog Park and to the beach.

How did you choose Willow and Dexter’s names?

We just liked the name Willow, its very pretty.

Dexter’s name comes from the tv show.


Do Willow and Dexter have any nicknames?

Willow is Bitey McFace because she always bites Dexter’s face.

Dexter is Jerk Jerkelton, inspired from Scrubs when Doctor Kelso thinks Turk’s full name is Turk Terkelton.

Do you know anything about Willow and Dexter’s parents?

We did meet Willows parents but don’t know much about them. We are still in contact with the owners of Dexter’s mum and we see them occasionally.

Any tips for owning a Husky?

Buy a good vacuum cleaner and a tired husky
is a good husky.

They aren’t for anyone, you need to give them alot of attention and commitment. They aren’t the kind of dog you can just leave in the backyard.

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