Merry Christmas Ya’ll

We had a grand evening at The Woofery’s Christmas night last weekend. Lots of other dogs were there, free taste testing of the treats for the pups, and Santa even showed up to hand out some toys and treats.

Given that Tayla goes absolutely crazy for food, and that the treats would be flowing freely for the evening, we decided to just take Logan with us. Tayla would be…less than graceful.

Of course we couldn’t resist leaving before spending a lot of money on Christmas treats. We got some Santa and Snowman biscuits, some stars for Tayla and an Awesome Christmas tree made of up biscuits.

I’ve got a few weeks off over Christmas that I shall be spending at home with the Huskies. Drew shall be working so I think I’ll be Husky wrangling alone for a while 😛

Tayla and Logan also have a Secret Santa present coming from America from an unknown It’s a Husky Thing Member. It’s the first time I’ve been involved in a Secret Santa for dogs 😛

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Anyone got any big plans for Christmas?

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Ya’ll

  1. To cute my son has a huskey malamute he is adorable, yes he loves to play he pulls sled rite now, and in summer he pulls my son on a wave board, in the river along the edge he loves that…. His name is caine, very powerful, and strong, he walks l hour a day then pulls the sled for 1/2 hr… and still wants to play when he is done lol they are AWESOME l love him to death…. love your puppies as well. lots of love, attention , and a good dog is a tired dog !!!! take care

    1. Yeah that’s much the same as Logan. It’s only now that we have Tayla that Logan gets tired out. They play all day, then I take him for a quick walk when I get home just to top him off.

      We want to get Logan into sled pulling next year, now that he’s old enough. What area are you in? Do you have a sled dog club nearby?

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