May I Introduce

As some of you already know, we’ve been planning on getting another Sibe for a while now. We thought that Logan is at about the right age and developmentally would benefit greatly from having a little sister running around.

Well after a lot of research and looking around we found a few puppies for sale in Tasmania.

And with that, let me introduce Tayla.

We will be picking Tayla up from the airport in a few weeks. Tayla will be about 8 weeks old when we get her. She was born in a litter with 4 other girls. One of whom may be coming to live just around the corner from us.

Her parents originated from Canada. Dogs in her family have starred in many movies; including Snow Dogs,Snow Buddies, Iron Will, 8 Below, The Last Trapper & many other documentaries.

We have a lot more of a plan with Tayla than we did with Logan. All of the dos and donts that we learnt with Logan over the last year will come in handy over the next year.

We shall be writing posts about the new puppy dramas, starting with a post about the best ways to introduce the new puppy to the household.

So watch this space 🙂

2 thoughts on “May I Introduce

    1. Haha yeah she does doesn’t she. She may end up at daycare eventually, once she’s big and tough like Logan.

      Did that other little Husky end up at daycare? I never saw her in there.

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