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Mark is a husky owner and a bit of an Instagram personality from Northern California (coincidentally making this our first international owner profile). Shasta is 7 years old and is Mark’s first husky. If you are on Instagram follow @indoazz to see Mark and Shasta’s exploits.

What made you decide to get a husky?

I used to dog sit huskies when I was in high school and college. I fell in love with the breed. They are beautiful, smart, and have so much character.

I did a lot of research before I got Shasta. I have little nephews and nieces in the family so I wanted to make sure that the breed could be kid friendly.

I also wanted a dog that would not bark often. In my experience Huskies tend to not be loud except for their howls.

The fact that they like to exercise was also a good point for me, since I like to be outdoors a lot.

Shasta has dramatically changed my life. I look at him as my best friend, son, and he is a part of the family like no other dog has been. I get stopped all the time to talk about him. People love this dog.

He is one of the smartest dogs I have ever seen. He can open lever handle doors and also gets into low lying cabinets. He lets me know if anyone is pulling up or if something odd is happening within our vicinity. He is super alert.

What sort of training and exercise do you do with Shasta?

Shasta has had obedience training and listens to commands most of time. He sits, lies down, shakes, stands (with treats for 5 secs), speaks, high fives, and will sometimes get objects that I ask him for. Shasta gets about 6-9 miles of walking/running a week. He always want to go outside, unless we go on a long day hike. Then I tend to make sure he gets a couple days rest before we go out again. Shasta and I go on 3 to 4 hikes each week. He love the ocean, rivers, lakes. He wades but only goes in up to his neck, he won’t swim.


What does Shasta do for fun?

Shasta has a tug a war rope he loves to pull on for almost 10 to 20 minutes at a time. He also love to play fetch on the beach or a large field. Off-leash is his favorite. He plays catch with the ball right outta the air. Shasta is also a big people dog. I take him to bars and music events (total chick magnet by the way). I have been blessed to meet many beautiful ladies by my white shadow.

Where did Shasta’s name come from?

Shasta is named after the Northern California mountain Mount Shasta. It always has snow at the top and stays white year round. A total nor cal icon.

Shasta’s nicknames are White Shadow, Shasty, Shag-nasty, Wompa (star wars), polar bear dogg, puff ball, and team Jacob.

Does Shasta need much grooming?

Shasta gets groomed with a furminator about 2 to 3 times a month. I wash him only a 1 to 2 times a month. He has really sensitive skin. The natural oils he secretes shouldn’t be washed off regularly. I also rinse him off after each beach outing or hike.

What do you feed your Husky?

Shasta has a regular diet of avo-Derm salmon and rice food, jerky strips and sometimes cheese. He also loves any type of chopped meat and carrots. 1 scoop in the morning and 1 at night. He is 90lbs I try to keep him right around 85-90lbs. He also get beef leg bones and pig ears.

What has been the most troublesome aspect of raising Shasta?

The most troubling thing for me and Shasta is that I have to careful about any food being out. If its anywhere near, he will eat it.

I once had a whole pan of brownies on the counter. I thought there was no way he could get em. Left him alone for 20 minutes and bam, all gone!

Bad cuz chocolate is not good for dogs. He was fine after about 2 days of bowel movements.

Do you know much about Shasta’s family?

I know that Shasta is a full bred Siberian Husky (AKC). He was the only white husky in a litter of all black and whites. He was also the only husky to have brown eyes not blue.

Do you have any tips for new or potential Husky owners?

Just be ready for high energy dogs. They need to be loved and exercised regularly, and are also are very sensitive to their environments. I would recommend them as pets only if you have time to spend at least 3 to 6 hours a day with them. They get bored easily. I have a neighbour that walks him in the morning, when I’m at work. He is also checked on at 1 to 2 every afternoon by a local family member. He is always well looked after.

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  1. What an amazing detailed way of introducing us! Thank you Dave! We are truly honored to have been chosen to be placed on your blog! We are smiling big time this morning ! If you are ever in our Area, ever!!! Please contact us and we will jump at the opportunity to meet you! Thanks again so much! This is really awesome!!!

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