Keep calm and carry on

Most people recognise this series of posters from World War 2, the morale boosting posters designed by The Ministry of Information to be used in case war was declared. The ‘Keep calm and carry on’ version of these morale boosting posters were never actually displayed. They were reserved for a worst case scenario, such as Germany invading Britain, which of course never happened.

Since the poster’s re-emergence in recent years there have been a flurry of variations produced. Such as Keep calm and destroy the brain, Now panic and freak out, and heaps more.

Below are three different versions of the MyHusky Keep Calm posters. Feel free to download them, print them, post them, etc 🙂


A photo of one of the two remaining Keep calm and carry on posters.In 1939, on the eve of World War Two, the British governmental department, The Ministry of Information produced public reassurance posters in uniform design for the purpose of steadying the nerves of the general public and boosting morale at a time of war.

As war broke out, the instruction from The Ministry of Information to display the posters was issued and the task of putting up the posters around the country started.


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