A profile photo of Kato, a black and white Siberian Husky.

Owner profiles: Kato

Scott sitting with his Siberian Husky, Kato.A brand new feature on My Husky. Every few weeks I’ll be interviewing another Siberian Husky owner. I want to share the cool traits and eccentricities of your dogs, as well as let people know about the tougher side of raising a Siberian Husky.

We may be surprised when some things that we thought were just funny little things tnathat our dogs do actually turn out to be fairly common amongst other Huskies, and possibly vice versa.

Our very first subject is Scott and his 16 month old Siberian, Kato. Scott gets this honour because he was the one that suggested interviewing Husky owners. I thought it only fair that he be the first on the stage.

Kato is a great friend of Logan and Tayla, and Scott is a member of the awesome staff at Dogcity Daycare.

How old is Kato?

Born 9/1/2010 which makes him about 1 and a half. He was 9 weeks old when I got him.

What nicknames does Kato have?

Potato, Volcano, Tornado, Playdoh, Shmomato.

What made you want to get a husky?

I have loved they way they look ever since I was a kid, I grew up around collies but something about the desire to have my own Husky has always lingered with me.

Scott holding his 9 week old Siberian Husky puppy.

Did you do much research before deciding on a Siberian?

Heaps. It took me 6 months to find Kato so I had a lot of time to research and prepare. It was hard to find information that was credible though, a lot of people who have one bad expeirence post it on the net and say its a “breed trait”.

What has been the most troublesome aspect of raising Kato?

Probably dealing with the stubbornness, we would be at puppy school sometimes and he would just decide he was not going to do anything anymore. Also dealing with the digging was pretty tough, my backyard looked like a minefield for the first year.

Has Kato had any obedience training?

Kato has done two levels of obedience training with one trainer. I like to think Kato gets training all the time with me, I am lucky enough to be in contact with a lot of people in the dog industry who give me lots of helpful advice.

DogCity Daycare, the first specialised dog daycare in Adelaide.How much exercise does Kato get every week?

Kato goes to Dogcity Daycare twice a week which gives him lots of pysical and mental excercise. During the weekends we go for long walks along a bike path near us, we go to dog parks for some off leash fun and if he’s very lucky he gets to spend a little time with his best mates Logan and Tayla.

Favourite Games?

Kato loves to be chased around and under my pool table, he loves tunnels or anything he can squeeze under, trying to coax him out is usually the hardest part of the game haha.

How do you groom Kato?

Luckily I work with an amazing groomer who will take care of Kato, but this is rare as they hardly need baths. As for shedding I wouldn’t use anything but a Furminator, I have tried every brush under the sun but the Furminator is by far the best. I like to make it fun for Kato so it doesnt seem so much like a chore, we will mix a brush or two in amongst some games and rough housing.

Whats the meaning behind Kato’s name?

He is named after a Native American tribe, the Cahto Nation of California. The word Kato (Cahto) means Lake. I chose this because of his blue coloured eyes.

What do you feed your husky?

Kato gets Hills Science Diet Advanced Fitness and Oral care, I find the oral care slows down his eating speed.

As for treats I try to stick to lean Kangaroo things like Roo bones, Roolami and he also gets beef chews and pigs ears on occasion. During summer he likes it when I freeze carrots for him.

Do you know anything about Kato’s parents?

Kato’s mum, Took, was black and white, with blue eyes. His Dad was black and grey. Kato looks more like his mum.

Favourite places to take Kato?

Well he has been going to Dogcity Daycare since he was 10 weeks of age and it would have to be his favourite place. He starts howling in the car if we dont get in quick enough to see all his human and dog friends. He also like going for walks along Mawson Lakes and stopping at a cafe or having play dates with Logan and Tayla.

A profile photo of Kato, a black and white Siberian Husky.

How has owning a Husky changed your life?

Before I got Kato I worked in the hospitality industry which I hated but was unsure of what else I could do for a career. Not long after I got him I was offered a job at Dogcity Daycare which has been amazing and a whole new career now lies ahead of me which I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Any tips for owning a Husky?

I think the mental stimulation is a big key to success of owning one. They may get pysically exhausted but they are working dogs and very intelligent. Give them games or puzzles to work out and you will have a happy husky. Try hiding things in the backyard for them, or my personal favourite of hanging a plastic milk container with a small hole in the bottom, put some treats in it and they will bash it around to get them out… only good for about 5 minutes though haha.

Would you recommend Siberians as a pet for anyone?

When researching Huskies I saw a lot of sources saying you must have an active lifestyle for a husky and damn they were right. Luckily Kato has a place like daycare to blow off that extra steam.

Regular walks are a must and you must have the time to understand them, train them and of course love them. Because although they like to pretend that they don’t need you, we all know they do.

So please please please people if you are a novice dog owner, or do not have the time or the room to commit to them please choose another breed. There are enough Huskies that need rehoming as it is.

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  1. Well I’m going to comment! I think you guys are doing the dog and in particular the husky community not only in Australia but everywhere a great service by educating people and keeping us all amused and enthralled in your great website! Keep up the good work

  2. I think interviewing husky owners is a good idea. I like reading what I could expect and handy hints I could use.

    I look forward to the next one.

  3. thanks for doing this. so many people want this breed because they are beautiful. thinking that going for a walk once a day it is going to be enough. I know mine are have been a challenge but i am fortunate enough to stay home with them. i look forward for the next interview and will recommend your site to people that need help deciding.

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