Iditarod 2012 is on!!!

It’s time again. Iditarod 2012 starts today (March 3rd local time) in Anchorage, Alaska.

The Iditarod is run every year, between the towns of Nome and Anchorage in Alaska. The route switches each year, between the Northern route of Anchorage to Nome, and the Southern route of Nome to Anchorage. The Northern and Southern routes differ in which towns they go through, so as not to disrupt the same towns year after year.

The Northern route retraces the route taken by the dogs during the original Serum run in 1925. For more info check out the history here.

This year is the 40th Iditarod. Many former champions have returned for the anniversary, as well as many past champions from other distance races such as the Yukon Quest, Beargrease and Kusko 300.

Check out below the video for some Iditarod facts and trivia.

Iditarod facts and trivia

  • The first Iditarod took place in 1973. This year is the 40th race.
  • This year there are 66 teams in the race. With an average of 16 dogs on each team this means over 1000 dogs will be crossing the starting line.
  • This year there are teams coming from 4 different countries; United States, Canada, Norway and New Zealand.
  • The record for the most mushers starting the race is 96 in 2008. The largest number of mushers to finish a single race is 77 in 2004.
  • Carl Huntington won the 1974 race with the slowest winning time, 20 days, 15 hours, two minutes and seven seconds.

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