Husky Destruction

Subtitle: What the Huskies Did Today

As Cyclone Yasi bears down on Queensland tonight, we had our own little cyclone in our lounge room. It has been rather unbearably hot of late, and as such we have let Logan and Tayla stay inside while we’ve been at work during the day. They managed this without incident for two days, but today it seems they got a tad bored.

Ripped up couch cushions, chewed up plastic and plant leaves.

And it didn’t stop there…

Oooohhh, there it is. Clearly the Huskies thought this was a better place for a miniature zen garden.

So that’s what Logan and Tayla did today. Clearly that is the end of the ‘staying inside’ experiment. Luckily the heat has died down for now.

The Husky ability for random destruction has always been well known, but up till now we had yet to see it at these extremes. Obviously we can’t tell them off for it, can’t show any anger towards them, both because they didn’t know any better and because we don’t know when they did it. If they did it when we first left this morning then scolding them 8 hours later isn’t going to accomplish anything.

Obviously our thoughts are with the people of Queensland tonight, but please someone think of us too.

11 thoughts on “Husky Destruction

    1. Haha no, it’s why Logan is at daycare and Tayla is at home, outside. I know Logan would have had some involvement, but I can’t imagine him dealing this sort of destruction for no reason.

      We think Tayla probably smelt some food on the cushion, and then went into a Wolverine’s rage trying to find it.

  1. “Wow” is all I can say. I have 3 Huskies of my own so I am used to seeing this sort of destruction. Still, you gotta love ’em!

    1. Yeah we’ve always known about the Husky potential for rampant destruction, but the limit to this point has been small items getting chewed up and/or stolen. In the near 18 months we’ve had Logan we haven’t seen anything this bad.

      But yeah, can’t get mad at them. As soon as Tayla walks up and falls over onto her back for a tummy rub I always forget what she puts us through.

    1. Well you just have to remember that not only did they not realise they were doing anything wrong, but since we didn’t actually catch them in the act there is really no point in scolding them or getting mad. Just take a moment to sigh, softly curse to yourself, then accept it and start cleaning.

      They would have done it because they were bored and unfulfilled, which is our fault more than anything. We just need to make sure we leave enough stuff around to keep them stimulated while we’re gone, to ensure devastation like this doesn’t happen again.

  2. OMG thats insane!!! hahahaha We kept Willow inside when she was a puppy for a few months until she jumped up on the bathroom counter and smashed my new bottle of Chloe perfume!!! She has been outside ever since LOL

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