Hot weather reminders

First things first. It’s been hot.

At least in Adelaide anyway. I can’t really stress enough how important it is for Huskies, and dogs in general, to have adequate water and shade during the hot times of the year.

I was home during one of the hot days last week. Tayla and Logan were outside while I tried to sleep of my cold in the morning. And checked on them around 1130 and they had already emptied their water bowl. If I wasn’t home they would have spent the rest of the hot afternoon without any water. Nowadays they have their shell pool as well, but I know not everyone has one of these.

Please remember to take precautions during this hot weather.

Lizards and snakes

This always goes hand in hand with the hot weather warnings.

We got home from work last week to find Logan and Tayla going crazy trying to get at something that had squeezed behind the bamboo on the fence. After locking them inside we found a blue tongue lizard (sadly deceased) that had been trying to hide in there from the Huskies.

There was a few panicked minutes where all we could see were scales, and thought it might have been a snake.

I know it’s hard (they are slippery little suckers), but if there is anything you can do to reptile proof your backyard, do it.

Just to be on the safe side

As much as you take precautions and try to make sure nothing bad will happen, there is never any guarantee that everything will remain peachy. If you do find that your dog has overheated or has been bitten by a snake, what you do next could make all the difference.

Pet first aid courses are run by different organisations in pretty much every capital city. Look into it, it could safe your dog’s life one day.



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