Hot stuff

The heat really knocks these kids around. It’s 44 Celsius today (111 Fahrenheit) and they’ve been sleeping in various locations around the house all day. Where do your dogs go when the heat hits?


3 thoughts on “Hot stuff

  1. Lars has licked, held, scratched, chewed and slid around 2 big blocks of ice today! He’s currently puffing like a steam train, poor baby. Our air-con is broken so being inside is worse than being out! Generally though, he loves to sprawl out on the cool tiles.

  2. I filled the kids icy pole moulds with some chicken stock, not sure if Miss Magic would appreciate the gesture or not… She licked so feverishly at it that my hands were aching by the time she got down to the stick. So it seems that rocket shaped, chicken stock icy poles were a winner after all. It sure did cool her down. 🙂

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