Favourite Things Competitions

On the 18th of September it will have been 2 years since Logan came home from the airport with us. Being a sentimental sort of chap, I figured that’s something we’ve gotta celebrate.

So I’ve put together a pack of some of Logan’s favourite things for somebody to win. The pack includes 1 plush bear, 1 Everlasting Treat Ball and 1 bag of yoghurt drops.

The bear

This is the first thing Logan picked up when he got home. He immediately started carrying it around and tried to find a hidey hole to plot the bear’s demise.

A small puppy Logan running with his new plush bear.

The bear actually lasted a surprisingly long time, but eventually met it’s end.

The ball

The Everlasting Ball kept Logan occupied for lengths at a time.

He first discovered it while doing Puppy Preschool at Angle Vale Vets 4 Pets, and we bought one for him straight away.

A blue everlasting treat ball

Logan has loved the ball ever since, and we’ve only had to replace it once (although that was probably Tayla’s fault).

The treats

Logan always had a preference for yoghurt. He use to get yoghurt mixed in with his meals, and loved the little yoghurt drops we got him from PetStock. We would play games and give him the choice of what treat to get, he always sniffed out and ate the yoghurt drops first.

Drew sitting with Logan begging for yoghurt drops.

How to win

So that’s what’s in Logan’s Favourite Things pack. To enter the competition leave a comment below listing what would be in your dog’s favourite things pack. I want to hear some cool stuff here folks 🙂

The winner will be drawn on Logan Day, September the 18th.

11 thoughts on “Favourite Things Competitions

  1. I don’t know if it counts, but my husky Micah’s favourite toy would have to be the possums in our back yard! She spends all night chasing them around the back yard, but if I had to pick an actual toy it would be a winnie the pooh plush doll that she carries around the house with her every morning.

    As for treats, she’s obsessed with your standard schmacko liver treats, she’ll do anything for one! http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y188/Jezzatipsy2/The%20Dogs/photosfromgeorgiascamera972.jpg

  2. For Dexter a never ending supply of food would be his favourite thing…he is just all about food food and more food…edible or not

    Willow had a dumbbell she loved and treated like a baby she would take it everywhere and if you threw it she would be horrified and gently pick it up and nurse it back to health LOL

    1. For Willow and Dexter: Snails. Simply cannot get enough of them, unfortunately the ‘eaten snail’ smell on their breath is definitely not the freshest.

  3. Thor is a fan of apple, pineapple, mango …. I guess he’s a tropical kind of pup….. I cant wait to freeze an apple in a ice cream container and watch him go spare trying to get it out! he also loves ice!

  4. Any of the cat’s toys are Malakai’s favourite as he knows he is not allowed to have them. One toy is the mouse with a string and when you pull it, it shakes. He has had this mouse since he was only a puppy, and we still have it. Mainly because he knows he has to be very careful with it. Now the cat’s hate the toy cos it smells like dog slobber.
    Mal with mouse toy – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJKWfyiCYv8&feature=colike

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