Dr. Logan

I have to ask,  how do dogs know that you are sick and know to act extra comforting around you? The photo below is what Logan was like this afternoon when I came home from work sick. I think he has possibly done something like this twice in his entire life. It’s a little coincidental that he did it today when I just happen to be sick.

4 thoughts on “Dr. Logan

  1. is it almost winter down there yet?
    logan looks cozy!

    dogs (and cats) are smart; they almost always know what’s going on with their masters and around the house.

    1. Yeah we’re heading into winter now. It’s been pretty freezing at night. I don’t know how cold it gets where you are, but down here 7 degree nights are pretty damn cold.

      1. it has warmed up a bit here in vancouver, canada. right now (tuesday, 5:32 pm) it’s like 13C. but it gets colder at night to like 8C though.

  2. yes they know when you are sick. currently my 4yr old daughter is sick and my husky has been playing her ‘nurse’ laying with her and watching over her, she does it also when myself or partner is unwell. its cute and nice to have someone to cuddle.

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