Dogcity Birthday Time

Woooo!!! Party!!!!

Dogcity Daycare are celebrating their first birthday tomorrow. Which means it’s puppy party time.

Apparently they are going to be making a giant birthday card, and supply all of the dogs present with some birthday cake to take home with them. That is pretty damn awesome. It’s a shame my involvement is limited to dropping Tayla and Logan off in the morning for their best day ever!!!

Dogcity is a great place for dogs. Logan and Tayla have so much fun there, and totally zonk out on the way home. The folks there really know what they’re doing. They’re now offering grooming as well as massage and general dog awesomeness, which means that if they had a kennel Logan would never want to come home.

If you work in or near Adelaide and want to give your dog a treat give them a call. Your dog will thank you 🙂 We drop Logan and Tayla off on the way in to work, and pick them up afterwards. It’s really convenient actually. When we tell people they go to a daycare in Kent Town (after they stop laughing) people always ask why we take them so far away from home. But we’re going there anyway, and it’s totally worth it.

  • Website:
  • Address: 24 King William Street, Kent Town, 5067 South Australia
  • Tel: 08 7225 5893

Oh, and Logan and Tayla have made it onto Dogcity’s friends page, awesome x 2 🙂

Happy birthday guys 🙂

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