Halloween guidelines to keep your dog safe

FYI we live in Australia where Halloween has never been a huge event, however every year we’re seeing more and more peeps on the streets. People are starting to get right into the costumes this time of year, and of course that naturally flows on to the dogs.

Make sure that the costumes are comfortable

Don’t squeeze your dog into something that is too tight or awkward to get in or out of. If it isn’t comfortable then the dog will be stressed, and if you can’t get the costume off quickly and easily then it isn’t safe if something goes wrong.

The dog shouldn’t be able to get out of the costume themselves

The costume shouldn’t be restricting or too tight, but it shouldn’t be loose enough that the dog will be able to squirm around in it. The danger is that the dog might be able to twist the costume around and potentially restrict the dogs breathing.

Dogs should always be supervised when wearing the costume

No matter how relaxed or happy your dog may be in his costume you need to make sure that they are supervised at all times. It doesn’t take long for a costume to get tangled and that’s when it gets dangerous.

Better safe than sorry

We all know the dangers that come when dogs get involved with chocolate. A special event might seem like a special occasion when “just a bit will be ok” but it really is better safe than sorry when it comes to dogs and the things they shouldn’t be eating.

Keep an eye on the door

It’s common to get a lot of people knocking on the front door on Halloween night. Make sure that your dog is secure when you are answering the door.

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