Canine First Aid

Basic first aid is something that all dog owners should really know, unless of course if you have a vet living next door 😛

With all of the injuries our Huskies have received over the last year or so (spider bites, scratches, eating things they really really really shouldn’t be eating, etc) some first aid training would have been really helpful.

The first time Logan was bitten by a spider it was on a Saturday, at about 8pm. Obviously not many vets are open at that time. Not knowing what to do or how severe a spider bite was we, of course, took him to the 24 hour emergency vet in Golden Grove. This ended up costing a couple hundred dollars. By the second time he was bitten by a spider we knew a little more, and were able to treat him with cold compresses rather than taking him in again.

Now the reason I am talking about all of this, is because Dogcity Daycare are running a seminar on canine first aid, covering the basics of:

  • CPR
  • trauma and shock
  • wounds and bleeding
  • sprains and breaks
  • stings and bites
  • poisoning
  • heatstroke
  • warning signs

We are really looking forward to this. No one likes having to run to the vet for every little nick or scratch, but when you can’t tell how serious something is there often isn’t much choice.

If anyone wants to know more details about the seminar check out the Dogcity Daycare website. The seminar is on the 23rd of July, and tickets are $20 each. The person running the seminar is Dr Mark Reeve, from Tea Tree Gully Vet.

There’s a flier for it too if you like.

On a side note, just so people don’t think we are bad dog owners, there are A LOT of spiders in our neighbourhood. We do our best (keeping the lawn mown, keeping the backyard clear of junk, exterminators, etc), but sometimes things happen. They aren’t dangerous spiders, fairly benign, but they still have big teeth 😛

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