A day in the life: The Treat Run

We want to know how you manage your treats. Do you include treats in your regular shopping or do your dogs get special trips for themselves? Do you have any special places to go to get your treats? What sort of treats do you get?

Treats are obviously something most dog owners have to keep on top of. I don’t know how everyone else manages their treat needs, but every two months we go on a treat run around Adelaide.

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I feel I need to mention here that treats should be given in moderation, and should be taken out of your dog’s total amount of food for the day.[/box]This was our day yesterday…

Stop 1

The Woofery for some special baked treats. Enough to fill up our Woofery Cookie Jar.

Stop 2

The Pet Deli for various bone biscuits. We picked up some Cheese, Beef, Chicken, Beef and Bacon biscuits.

Stop 3

A supermarket for Logan’s special treats. Logan has always loved these milk sticks, even though they are designed for puppies.

All of this results in a nicely stocked treat shelf.

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